Heather???s Home

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Builder Magazine- November 2, 2010, Zero Energy Casita is named one of the 2011 Energy Value Housing Award finalists. Please vote for this project as the People’s Choice Award HERE (we are Finalist #7).

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The News Connection- May 15, 2009, As Rheudasil Farms sustainable development receives zoning approval from Flower Mound’s Town Council, this article takes the opportunity to shed light on the property’s rich history & bright future.

EcoHome Magazine- May 11, 2009, Ferrier’s EVHA winning home is part of the 2009 NAHB Green Tour of Homes in Dallas, demonstrating proven sustainable design & performance. For more on Ferrier’s featured home, click here.

National Association of Home Builders- May 11, 2009, As Master of Ceremonies at the annual NAHB Green Building Awards Dinner, Don reflects on this year’s winners: "In a trying year for the home building industry, when housing starts dropped to record lows in a sputtering economy, green homes represent hope and the future, and the future is green home building. The ladies and gentlemen we honor this evening understand that. These awards honor their leadership and their practical example to others in the industry.”

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Dallas Morning News- December 5, 2008, "Heather Ferrier lives in a house built to be light." Story covers what it’s like to live inside a green home. For a bonus video feature on the home, click here.

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Green Builder Magazine- May 2007, Heather’s Home receives national attention from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Don Ferrier, president of Ferrier Custom Homes, is named the NAHB’s 2007 Green Builder Advocate of the Year

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ProSales Magazine- April 3, 2007, Don Ferrier explains structural insulated panels’ pivotal role in a home’s energy efficiency

Professional Builder Magazine- April 1, 2007, Green building practices and innovative products have a dominant presence at the International Builders Show, of which Heather’s Home is a role model for.

Professional Builder Magazine- April 1, 2007, Ferrier Custom Homes is honored with a Gold at the Energy Value Housing Awards

Nation’s Building News- April 9, 2007, Don Ferrier explains that builders need to make energy efficiency a selling point

Home Energy Magazine- March/April 2007, "As Texas Goes, so Goes the Planet" Showcases two Ferrier homes

Nation’s Building News- March 26, 2007, Awards honor achievement in green home building, including Don Ferrier being named the NAHB’s Green Builder Advocate of the Year

USGBC Announcement- February 2007, Heather’s Home, a Building America home built by Ferrier Custom Homes, was the FIRST LEED certified home in Texas, and third in the nation, to receive the prestigious Platinum designation.

Smart HomeOwner- January/February 2007, Heather’s Home listed as one of the five most trendsetting homes showcasing best building practices

Nation’s Building News- January 8, 2007, Energy Value Housing Award to honor builders for energy-efficient design

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McGraw Hill’s Construction’s Residential Green Building Smart Market Report- 2006 Issue, features Heather’s Home as an example of the tidal wave of change green building is bringing to the construction market (pages 22 & 23)

Nation’s Building News- May 22, 2006, Don sheds light on importance of Home Energy Rating System in green building

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