Heather???s Home


Whether you’re ready to break ground on your new project or are hoping to build some day, we hope these links assist you in your green building journey:

Structural Insulated Panel Association: Non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators/distributors, design professionals and builders committed to providing quality structural insulated panels for all segments of the construction industry

FischerSIPS: Louisville, KY based SIP manufacturer who supplies all of Ferrier’s structural insulated panels

Building America Program: Private/public partnership that develops energy solutions for new and existing homes

Building Science Corp: Architecture and building science consulting firm

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Offers technical resources and advice on improving energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of residential and commercial buildings

Green Building Advisor: The complete source for designing, building & remodeling green homes. Features Heather’s Home as a case study.

Efficient Windows Collaborative: Great resource on why and how to select high performance windows

The True Cost of Flex Ducts Study- Analyzes data on how steel ducts outperform flex ducts

Energy Star: Joint program between the EPA and US Dept. of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices

American Lung Association’s Health House: Non-profit program for home environments through consumer and builder education campaigns that model healthy building practices

Home Energy Magazine: Magazine aimed to dessimate objective and practical information on residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability

National Association of Home Builders: One-click access to the "voice of the industry"

Green Built North Texas- voluntary partnership of local home builders, industry supporters, and sponsors committed to creating awareness and interest in the construction of higher-performance, low-impact residential homes in North Central Texas

Insulated Concrete Form Association: Information on Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

United States Green Building Council (USGBC): Non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings accessible to everyone within a generation

Green Home Guide: USGBC resource for consumers, homeowners, renters, etc.

The Dirt Doctor: Organic practices for healthy living by Howard Garrett

GGOArchitects: Gary Olp, LEED-AP was the architect for Heather’s Home and works solely on sustainable residential & commercial projects

RC3D: Design firm dedicated to designing high quality, efficient green homes

Not So Big House: The inspiration for The Not So Big House came from a growing awareness that new houses were getting bigger and bigger but with little redeeming design merit. The problem is that comfort has almost nothing to do with how big a space is. It is attained, rather, by tailoring our houses to fit the way we really live, and to the scale and proportions of our human form.

Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association: Represents members who provide, services and information in the areas of solar electric generation, solar hot water, wind electric generation, biomass electric generation, and liquid renewable fuels, geothermal heating and cooling, geothermal electric generation, and sustainable building design and construction.

Heather’s Home Video: Take a behind the scenes look at the construction concepts that went into building Texas’ first LEED Platinum Home.