Green Inside & Out 

When Fort Worth’s only 100% vegan restaurant decided it was time to relocate into the historic Fort Worth South district, its owners weren’t interested in the typical remodel. They wanted to finish out their new restaurant in a fashion that reflected their core beliefs of perserving & protecting the environment. What resulted is a beautifully restored building full to the brim with character.

Dallas, Texas

Following in Footsteps

When it came to time to open the second location of Spiral Diner, the owners knew that going green was the thing to do (again). The extensive remodel took an old abandoned building in Oak Cliff and restored it to the charming diner that it is today. Sustainability is more than just a passing whim for these folks, they’re green through & through. For more information, check out

Leading by Example

When it came time to construct a new church, this pastor kept the future in mind. Not only did he want a building that would facilitate worship, but also one that would conserve energy. The end result is a one of a kind church building that is flooded with natural light, surrounded by native landscaping, and keeps money in the church’s pocket so it can further its real mission.
Godley, Texas

This is Not Your Ordinary Metal Building

Though it may seem modest from the outside, do not be fooled.  Commissioned by a rapid growth energy company that needed additional space to accomodate its ever-expanding work force, this structure had energy efficiency in the top of its priorities from day one. Made out of structural insulated panels, the office building far exceeded the federal requirements for the $7,500 tax credit. It wasn’t a hard decision for the owners to make: save money on monthly electric bills and get paid $7,500 for doing so.

From A to Z

Ferrier Builders’ diverse background in high performance buildings, structural concrete and beyond has led us down an interesting path of commercial building projects, which have varied in scope and application. Featured here is a sampling of projects along this journey.