1. Office 7.  Women’s Restroom
2. Office 8.  Breakroom
3. Office 9.  Storage
4. Library 10.  Library
5. Office 11.  Reception
6. Men’s Restroom 12.  Office
13. Office    
14. Office    
15. Office    
16. Office    
17. Office    






Though it may seem modest from the outside, do not be fooled.  Commissioned by a rapid growth energy company that needed additional space to accomodate its ever-expanding work force, this structure had energy efficiency in the top of its priorities from day one. Made out of structural insulated panels, the office building far exceeded the federal requirements for the $7,500 tax credit. It wasn’t a hard decision for the owners to make: save money on monthly electric bills and get paid $7,500 for doing so.