So you want to build your dream home. What do you need to get started?

Ferrier Custom Homes suggests nailing down three critical areas in this very important process of building your dream home:

  1. Secure your land
  2. Secure your financing (this usually starts with getting pre-approved with your lending institution)
  3. Decide on your house plans

Ferrier Custom Homes specializes in assisting clients during the design stage of their project. We accomplish this through a Design/Build process where we form a team with you and the architect/designer of your choice (for our recommendations, visit our Partners page). We work closely to establish a budget, the design, and energy efficient/green features that you desire in your home. This allows our team to provide you with a home that incorporates the features you desire while remaining within your established budget.

Once you have taken care of these items, you are well on your way to starting the construction of your dream home.