Cost Control

As this couple neared retirement and the prospect of a fixed income, building an energy efficient, high performance home only made sense from a cost control perspective. It also mirrored their resolve to live responsibly and minimize their carbon footprint on their earth.

Das Haus

Looking to their German roots when approaching the design & construction of their project, the homeowners wanted to incorporate technologies & strategies of sound, durable construction that they were used to in their homeland.

Cowtown Contemporary

When their search for a contemporary, green home in Fort Worth left these homeowners empty handed, they turned to the Ferrier team to help fulfill their dream of a smart, modest sized home that would fit in their budget.

Zero Energy Casita

In the face of rising energy costs, these homeowners wanted their second home’s carrying costs to be minimized as much as possible. Paired with a rustic design that incorporates a variety of reclaimed materials, this zero energy casita is proving that sustainability and cost effectiveness are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Green Building is for Mere Mortals too

Looking to build their retirement home on their weekend "get away" land, this couple went toe to toe with the task of designing a green home that they could truly afford. With an ever growing surplus of green products available in the market today, it took decisiveness, focus and perseverance to pull all the pieces together. But they did it, and with flying colors no less. What has resulted is a home that is responsive to their beautifully treed site, makes room for lifestyle changes in the coming years and performs at optimal efficiency. No small feat...even for mere mortals.


Energy Efficieny = Self Sufficiency

As this couple draws close to retirement, they want a home that they can build their future around. After all, they have better things planned for their retirement than worrying about rising utility costs. Their dreams and needs are unique, so why should their house be any different?

Enduring Philosophy

Capturing the essence of predecessors such as Frank Lloyd Wright who were determined that smart, clean design and sustainability were meant to go hand in hand, this homeowner/architect designed a home that although fresh & modern, carries with it a theology rich in history and intention.

Why Wait?

Most of us can identify with the dream of retiring, moving somewhere serene, and spending the rest of our evenings staring at the stars & breathing fresh, clean air. Well these homeowners decided that sooner would be better than later when it came to making this dream their reality. Wanting to raise their beautiful daughter in an environment that they felt was safe, healthy and reflected their values created a whole new sense of urgency. As they can attest, such alignment never felt so right.

Heathers Home

Proving Great Design, Sustainability, and Affordability can be Friends

When Heather set out to build her home, she wanted to make it as energy efficient & green as she could within her modest budget. Proving that green isn’t reserved for the elite alone, what resulted is a fabulously chic home that is green through and through. Catching the eye and touching the hearts of many across the nation, Heather’s Home has been a leading example of what the average American is capable of when they set their intentions to incorporate sustainability into their lives.

Private Residence- Aledo, TX

Heathly Home 101

When these homeowners set out to build their home, there wasn’t a single stone left unturned in their search for a healthy, energy efficient home. The homeowners would visit the site and watch where the deer took up residence, and followed their lead when it came time to decide the placement of their home (which just so happened to be a nice shady area at the bottom of a bluff where it was protected from the elements). Having children who sufferred from allergies & asthma, the home’s indoor environment was a top priority, while still maintaining energy efficiency. Honored as the most energy efficient home in a hot climate by the NAHB Research Center in 2005, this home was a home run on many levels.

Private Residence- Weatherford, TX

Texas Hill Country Meets Energy Efficiency

Looking to build a home that reflected their love of Texas Hill Country design, the homeowners also wanted a home that performed at a high level of efficiency. Looking to retire in the next few years, building an energy efficient home amidst rising energy costs only made sense. The result? A beautiful home that reflects their true character while performing like a well oiled machine.
Private Residence- Dallas, TX

Modern Serenity: Cutting Edge Architecture Meets Green Building

The ingenious modern architectural style of the home in Kessler Woods, combined with the friendly community and beautiful topography, appealed to the homeowners. When they decided to build a home in the area, they liked the idea of introducing "green" elements into their house. Working with Ferrier Custom Homes, they achieved their goals of creating an energy-efficient, modern space with an indoor, outdoor feel. For more on this home, click here

Private Residence- Dallas, TX

Mid-centry Mod with an Edge

A take on mid-century modernism in a contemporary style, this home balances its rich past along side progressive technologies. Reflecting its 1950’s neighborhood, the owner/architect wanted to do so much more than just create a great design- he wanted to go against the idea of "bigger is better" and make every corner of this project count.
Private Residence- Grapevine, TX

Waste not, Want not

When these homeowners decided to build a home, they wanted something that would honor the philsophy of their parents and Depression-era grandparents: Waste not, Want not. This philosophy guided the family throughout the design & construction process. They positioned the home around the existing mature trees on the lot, which provides much needed shade during the summer time. They also left in place a windmill that long-time Grapevine residents say once was used by the infamous Bonnie & Clyde gang as a hiding place for loot. While not every home has a windmill, the homeonwers say other green elements could be incorporated by any homeowner. For more on this home, click here

Modern. Stellar. Green.

When approaching this project, the homeowner wanted a truly one of a kind modern home that incorporated as many green aspects without compromising the home’s aesthetics. What resulted was a fingerprint of a design that makes a bold statement in its purpose, function and presence.

Private Residence- Dallas, TX

The Master Speaks

What kind of home does Dallas’ very own leading architect in sustainability create to be a testimony of all that his work embodies? A magnificent project where every detail is as closely considered as an artist’s stroke. Full of character, life, and green innovations, this home speaks volumes.


Historically Green

Setting out on a journey to build their "forever home", the homeowners wanted to build a home that not only reflected their character & style, but also one that they knew that could trust to spend the rest of their lives in. Thus began their process of building in the Old Town Design District near downtown Lewisville with every green building technique that could get their hands on, while all along the way adding that certain flare that made their home truly theirs. For more on this home click here

Private Residence- Weatherford, TX

Doing What Makes Sense

When an engineer set out to build a home he could proudly raise his young children in, he looked beyond aesthetics. Considering every detail, he was interested in incorporating energy efficient items that just made sense- saving more than they cost. What resulted is a intentional, high performance, beautiful home.
Private Residence- Haslet, TX

Before Green was Cool

The homeowners’ mission was to build an extremely energy-efficient home that required practically no maintenance, and was very storm-resistant. Looking to hedge themselves against rising utility bills, the onwers wanted to build a home that they would spend the rest of their lives in on their 50 acres just north of Fort Worth.
Private Residence- Azle, TX

Providing Peace of Mind

As the homeowners began to approach retirement, they wanted a home that would protect them from ever-increasing water and electric bills, and that would require a minimal amount of maintenance in their senior years. What resulted was one of North Texas’ first "green" homes- an earth sheltered home that’s been providing a sense of security for these homeowners that’s simply priceless.

The Many Sides of SIP’s

By now you’ve probably caught on to the fact that we’re big fans of structural insulated panels (SIP’s). A flexible product for a wide variety of projects, we feel that they give us the biggest energy bang for our buck in this hot climate. Featured here is a variety of applications & projects that we have included SIP’s in. As you can see, although the projects vary greatly in aesthetics, they all share the same energy conservation component.