Heather???s Home

The mission of “Heather’s Home” was to build a High Performance Home that Heather (and the average American family) could afford. Heather wanted to see just how far she could stretch her modest budget to include as many energy-efficient, sustainable components as possible. Like so many, she had the passion for green construction, but not bottomless pockets. Teaming up with GGOArchitects, Building America and Building Science, the team set out to create a home that would be near zero-energy, incorporate as many sustainable features as Heather’s budget would allow, and to use the home as an educational project to show America that indeed green could indeed be affordable.
The end result? Beyond creating a home that Heather absolutely loves and is proud of, the project hit a nerve in both local & national communities alike, with over 5,000 touring the home to date (including general public enamored with the home’s philosophy, building & real estate professionals, university & high school students, and government officials looking to the home as a guidepost for local green building programs). The home was the first LEED Platinum home in Texas (third in the nation), the first home rated under the new (more stringent) American Lung Association’s Health House Guidelines, achieved the top tier in the National Association of Home Builder’s Green Building Guidelines, and the proud recipient of many more awards. It has appeared in a wide arrange of media outlets, from O at Home (Fall 2007) to NBC Nightly News. And to think it all started with a single, 25 year-old just wanting to build a house….