1. Master Bedroom 7.  Half Bath
2. Master Bath 8.  Bedroom
3. Dining 9.  Bedroom
4. Kitchen 10.  Bath
5. Utility/Office 11.  Lofts
6. Great Room    



Wondering what all the buzz surrounding Heather’s Home is? Well here’s your one stop source for all the project information you’ve been looking for and wondering about. The project started out as a twenty-something looking to build a home within a modest budget, all the while making it as green and energy efficient as possible. As a member of the Department of Energy’s Building America program, Heather’s Home is a 2,028 square foot home that is made from environmentally friendly "green" products and is a near zero energy usage home. The end result is a home that has captured eyes and hearts across America as a leading example that sustainable, high performance homes are attainable for the average American family.

Interested in gaining a more in-depth look behind the construction techniques incorporated into Heather’s Home? Ferrier Custom Homes has created a video that tracks the project throughout construction and into its finish out to give you a behind the walls perspective on the home. Come away with a knowledge of how all the green pieces came together to create such a beautiful home with such a small footprint. To view the video, click HERE.