"The house started out as a way to kill several birds with one stone...

I have been ready to get out of the city for a long time; my wife is not quite to give up the city, but is tired of spending 1-3 weeks at a time in the camper, followed by 1-3 weeks at the house, and on and on.

Since we have the land anyway, it made sense (to us anyway) to build on it.

I don’t, and never have, regard a house as a good financial investment, but want the most efficient and functional house that I can get if I am going to the time, effort, and expense of building, so that dictated SIP construction, a basement, a 10" roof, etc.

We feel that efficiency is also good for the environment and so the house is "green".

I also wanted to see if a mere mortal could actual afford to build such a house;  most things in the green movement seem to cost more than their conventional counter-parts.

The last requirement caused many changes in the design and in the methodology of construction, but it is going to work out.

It has been an enormous learning experience for both of us..."