A SIP homeowner testimonial....

"I would like to take this time not only to thank you personally for your exemplary service, but also to reflect upon our incredible satisfaction with your professionalism and product. I hope this reflection upon our home construction experience will encourage others who might read this letter to share building such an exceptionally strong, efficient and beautiful structure.

After much reading on the topic of energy efficient construction techniques, we decided to use SIP’s to build our dream home. That was the first of many important decision that led to the incredibly high level of satisfaction we have experienced with our home. The next decision after supplier was service. Don, I talked with home owners in the Metroplex who had constructed with two other companies and contractors. None of them shared with me the glowing testimonies that I received when I talked with those who had built with your team. It was through those encouraging referrals that we decided to trust you as our contractor. I am pleased to state the obvious: our trust was not misplaced. You and your crew were pleasant and professional. I really appreciated your flexibility during the framing phase of our home. I recall that you helped us change a window height and add another 1/2 story loft with stairwell, although it wasn’t in our plans or contract. Most of all Don, I was blessed and personally impressed with the depth of your integrity and honesty!! You were not only truthful and upright in all our dealings, but a source of encouragement in the midst of the often difficult venture of home building.

Lastly, I should share some specifics on our "dream home". During construction, the AC man told us that there was no way that our two 2 1/2 ton units could adequately cool our home and that he would not guarantee the work. Trusting the counsel of you and Enercept, we had him install the units as ordered. And after four years of living in the home, I think we overdid it!! The AC units never run continuously, but just cycle on and off occasionally. The electric bills for the first year averaged only $78 per month for our 3200sf of air conditioned space, with EIGHT occupants. Not only super energy efficient, the structure is incredibely quiet and strong. During the heaviest of storms the rain is scarcely heard through the roof panels.

To sum up our experience Don, we could not be happier!! From the bottom of our hearts wee want to thank you for walking us through the construction experience and into such a wonderful home!!"

-SIP Homeowners, Waxahachie, Texas