"We have always felt that fate has driven us to our new space. At first, we had planned to just buy some land in the country to build a "get-away". At every turn, we felt like we were being pulled in a different direction, however. From finding & purchasing our land (at a fabulous price), to researching local builders & all roads leading to Ferrier, we’ve been on a path to something more than a "get-way". This home has turned into our dream home. Our dream green home. A place we hadn’t planned on "needing" to build until we were ready to retire. Turns out, we’re ready to check out of the rat-race & raise our daughter in a comfortable, healthy, rural environment. We feel like we’re planning for our future as a family by building efficiently & green. Although we may not be able to retire from working, we can & will certainly enjoy our home & new life there."