"We never deliberately set out to build a "green" home, but we incrementally moved along a continuum as we’ve gone from concept to design to build over the past 18 months or so. Initially it was all about saving money through energy efficiency; my neighbor likes to say we were mostly interested in being "light green". At the time the price of oil was rapidly increasing and as this was a second home I wanted our monthly carry costs to be minimized.

Then as we further refined our design concept the rustic look and feel of the house naturally lent itself to using a fair amount of reclaimed materials. The final step was evaluating the total net cost of producing our own electricity with a wind turbine. Our home is located on a lake with little obstructions and a good breeze on most days. When current incentives and tax credits are taken into account, the cost to install a wind turbine relative to the energy produced seemed to make good investment sense. The fact that all of these things are good for the environment is an added bonus.

You all were instrumental in educating us on many simple things we could do to make the home more energy efficient, and you were always seeking those things which produced the best bang for the buck not just pushing concepts and technology for its own sake. I also appreciate your commitment to building green (not just the final product) but the actual building process itself."