HH2 Before

HH2 After

Restoring the Charm

Coming from the experience of living in one of America’s most efficient & sustainable homes (Heather’s Home), Heather wanted to take what she learned from that journey & apply it to a historic home. Same principles, different parameters. This time around her project case study is a 1938 home that has suffered years of neglect & will take a complete overhaul to restore its original charm.


Green? Check. Affordable? Check.

While toying around with the idea of adding onto his 1937 lake house, this homeowner ran across an article on Heather’s Home, describing that "green" and "affordable" could in fact be found in the same sentence. Enlightened to find out that even his garage addition could be created with sustainability in the forefront, he decided to go for it- complementing his home’s history with an addition that has the future in mind.

Simple but Effective

Ever sat by a west facing window at sunset? If so, then you’ll sympathize with these homeowners who were looking to somehow mediate the effects of all that solar gain. Their solution was to remove some of those west windows and expand their living space with an enclosed patio. The result? A porch they are now able to enjoy using with comfort & ease.

Passive Solar 101

When these homeowners were looking to reduce their home’s energy bill and improve their indoor comfort level, they turned to Ferrier for direction. Adding a back porch was the answer, and provided their south facing windows with some much needed shade, thus reducing the amount of solar gain into their home.