This home is a project that the majority of the population wouldn’t even think of getting involved with. However, we see past the years of disrepair & neglect and see a diamond in the rough.The reality is that there are millions of existing homes in America that need improvement. We want to use this project as a model of how green building & cost effectiveness can coexist, all the while restoring the original charm of this 1938 home.

With this type of project, there are new conditions uncovered everyday & therefore requires a high degree of flexibility & adaptability. Don Ferrier is a great captain of our remodeling ship- always there to work within the parameters of this 70+ year old home, giving guidance to subs, vendors & us all along the way. His depth & breadth of knowledge never ceases to amaze us. When many contractors would roll their eyes & walk away from a project such as this, Don is invigorated by the challenge and the chance to apply green building techniques to a somewhat unusual project.

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